Self-Pub and indie fantasy book reviews and author interviews


The Indie Dragon is my own personal YouTube journey to find the best indie and self-pub fantasy novels out there, without looking into the famous ones. I'm after undiscovered fantasy, books that have fewer than 100 downloads, maybe don't even have a single review yet, so I can read them, rate them and spread the word.


It's true, there are already other places that have an indie or self-pub focus, but given how hard it can be starting out on this journey, one more outlet can only help, right?


If at any point a previously reviewed book is updated, revised, or has a new edition released for any reason, I am more than happy to read, rate and review it again. One of the biggest strengths self-publishing and independent publishing has is the amount of control the author has over the final release. One of the most daunting things about hitting 'Publish' is the idea that then that's it, done, set in stone forever. But it's not the case, at least not for us. 


Writing is an art form that's deceptively tricky to become great at, and I do sincerely believe that with enough time, practice, introspection and analysis, every author can become great. It's a calling. But no one gets there alone.


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If you have a novel, short story, or extract you'd like read aloud or reviewed on the channel, you can send it to esfurlan(dot)author(at)gmail(dot)com 

If you want to be interviewed, send an email to that same email address with the subject line Author Interview.