Release Date: 16th August 2019

Kanika didn't ask to be raised a serf in the temple. She didn't ask for her family to be killed along with thousands of others when the Vraithii Empire invaded her lands. She didn't ask for the vile invading Crown Prince to take an interest in her. But she's not ready to be a pawn in a game of kings and gods. The journey she embarks on will cost her more than she imagined possible, but laying down to die is not an option.

Meto didn't choose to be born the High Queen's bastard. He didn't choose the rumours that have followed him since his birth. Nor the ever-present sense of not belonging that has haunted him all his life. A deal with a mythical assassin could be the answer to all his problems - or the biggest mistake of his life. The lengths he will go to to earn his country's acceptance may shock even him.

Elsephere never questioned the order of succession. She put her faith in her older brothers and the traditions of her homeland. She played the part of dutiful princess, loving daughter and protective sister to perfection. But the cost of ruling takes its toll, and soon her family's inheritance might be the difference between survival and destruction. No matter her own fate, Elsephere must find a way to save them all.

Argorien lives under the thumb of an oppressive regime. The natives grow stronger even as their invaders lose their way. Armand mourns the love he lost after the invasion by helping the Resistance find ways to bring the tyranny to an end - and hopes that once the city is free, he will find his love again.



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