Updates, and A Little Introduction

As a general rule, I'm not fond of exposing myself or my personal life online, but one of my New Year's resolutions was to put myself out there more, so here's to that.

As hopefully none of you know, I self-published my first novel last year, The Tainted Shrine. It was a massive flop for a number of reasons, not least of which my complete lack of understanding about even the first thing to do with marketing and publishing. I'm currently revising it and not allowing any of the factors which caused my initial blunder to influence my writing or my approach to this project.

The project in question is an epic medieval fantasy trilogy, the Fool's Fief series. I've had the concept of it in my mind since I was a preteen - let's all take a moment to be grateful eleven-year-old me didn't have access to self-publishing - and it's been such a joy to develop and refine it over the past fifteen-odd years. I'm fairly confident I'm onto the final iteration now.

It's at about 80k words now, up from the paltry 52k that it was when I hit publish last year (so uhh, where's the 'epic'? Not in that word count, that's for sure...). Almost every word is different, though the story is the same. It's looking like the final draft will sit at around 110k words, and to the few of you who bought the shitty version last year (thank you, by the way) I'll be sending out the revised edition for free. I've also planned out the entire trilogy by chapter. Some of the details may change, but I have a solid view of where I'm going with it now, which is making the whole thing infinitely easier to write.

As for me, I'm an Australian living in a tiny little town in Denmark. Jeg taler lidt dansk, men ikke meget. I grew up in northern Italy, and my Italian is way better than my Danish. I live with my spouse and our nine-year-old daughter. We have five pet rats, who are adorable and sassy and oh-so-fuffy. I paint (you can buy prints of them, if you like them), I make candles, I ride horses, I try to review books by other indie and self-pub fantasy authors when I can get over my shyness. As you can tell, I much prefer discussing my work than myself.

So that's it for now. I want to say I'll update this blog on a schedule, but ehhh... that's just setting me up for failure. I don't have much to say most days.

Til whenever, and thanks for stopping by.