Author Interview: DW Johnson


Q. How long have you been writing?
A. I started writing January 2017 and in the first 12 months have written 4 fantasy ficition novels.

Darkwater – Xenkur Book 1 of 3
Shadowmage – Xenkur Book 2 of 3
Songweaver – Iron League Book 1 of 9

Q. What inspires you?
A. God is my inspiration. I was at a crossroads in my life and asked God what he wanted me to do now. I sat down one Saturday at the computer and the next thing I realized is Darkwater was finished.

Q. Do you write more by logic or intuition, or some combination of the two? 
A. I have been an abstract artist (painitngs and photography) for 40+ years so my writing style is completely from the gut. There has to be logic in wiritng or you would have no continuity but aside from that I write everything spur of the moment. How Im feeling in the moment.

Q. What projects are you working on at the present?
A. The third book in the Xenkur trilogy wich should be out in June 2018. The second book of the Iron League saga which will be out in April 2018 and another stand alone book titled Winter Dragon which is a fore runner to the Xenkur trilogy.

Q. What do your plans for future projects include?
A. I currently have 76 more projects (that’s not a typo). It will take a while to get through the Iron League saga since there are at least 9 books. But I have a large number of books projects that will revolve in that world.  I have trilogy rpojects, large sagas and stand alone books. Enough projects to last me the next 15-20 years writing.

About the Author

Born, Douglas William Johnson, July 4th 1962, D.W. Johnson has always had an innate talent for art. His photographic quest began at age twelve when he won his first local art show. Four years later he set off into the world of Fine Art Photography. After early success as a photographer and teacher Johnson branched out into other forms of mediums.